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Five minutes

by Alessandro Nardone

Five minutes. May be nothing or may revolutionize everything. I was thinking this the other day, looking at one spot viral on Youtube: think about it, how many times you happen to want the fateful “five more minutes”? Certainly many. And I bet, most of those times, the desire is taken at the precise moment when you realized that what you were experiencing at that moment, was about to end.

In short, those five minutes are the illusion through which we try to tell ourselves that we have the right to extend an enjoyable time, even in the knowledge that soon will necessarily run out. I think of a nice walk by the ocean at sunset, in that last kiss that we would like to give to your loved one before you fall asleep, all those times that we could tell her “I love you” and we did not because we went in a hurry, the sleepless nights to give shape to a beautiful idea came suddenly, or, more simply, to the alarm that sounds in the early morning, when it is still dark outside. But not just because the “five more minutes”, may also represent the period of time during which we have the clarity and conviction needed to grab the moment and make it our own. How? Taking an important decision or finding the courage to make a declaration of love, for example; are many cases in which five minutes were enough to unleash a revolution, start a work of art, compose a beautiful song, or to write a newspaper article. Ergo, five minutes can be simple minutes and faded, like many, or five minutes that will always remember. It depends on us.